The MUSON School of Music is staffed and equipped to meet internationally accepted standards in Music education.
There will be examinations, auditions and interview.
A written examination which will include theory questions at approximately grade 5 & 6 standard and an examination basic music knowledge.

A practical examination which will be a performance on a major instrument or voice of at least grade 5 standard, before a faculty jury, followed by an interview


First Year: Five Academic Modules:

Performance MUP
Music HistoryMUH

Students must have at least 12 credits per term


                               Subject                     Serial Number                             Credits
Principal Study (Major Instrument)                                MUP 150                                3
Recital (Credited only in 3rd term)                                MUP 151                                3
Subsidiary Study (Minor Instrument)                                MUP 121                                1
Subsidiary Study (Piano for Voice Majors)                                MUP 151 R                                1
Master Class                                MUP 101                                1
Concert Attendance (at least 3 per term)                                MUP 001                                1
Accompanying for keyboard Majors                                MUP 102                                1
Vocal Techniques for non Voice Majors                                MUP 103                                1
Language for Voice Majors                                MUP 104                                1

Harmony                                MUT 151                                3
African Music                                MUH 121R                                3
Music in the Common Practice Era                                MUH 151                                3
African Music                                MUH 121R                                3


Chamber Music                                MUE 101                                1
Choir                                MUE 101(C)                                1
Concert Band                                MUE 101 (B)                                1
Orchestra                                MUE 101 (O)                                1
ELECTIVES (Student must take at least 1 elective per term) All have 1 term credit
Instrument Maintenance, Repair, Construction MUS 110
Vocal a Cappella Ensembles MUS 113
Jazz MUS 114
Opera MUS 115
Organ for keyboard Majors MUS 101


Student must have at least 17 credits per term


                               Subject              Serial Number                                Credits
Principal Study (Major Instrument)                                MUP 250                                3
Recital (Credited only in 3rd term)                                MUP 251                                3
Subsidiary Study (Minor Instrument)                                MUP 221                                1
Accompanying for keyboard Majors                                MUP 202                                1
Language and Diction for Voice Majors                                MUP 203                                1
Master Class                                MUP 201                                1
Concert Attendance (at least 3 per term)                                MUP 002                                1

Harmony                                MUT 251                                3
Keyboard Harmony                                MUT 241                                1
Conducting                                MUT 242                                1

Baroque/Classical                 MUH 251 (1st term)                                3
Romantic                 MUH 252 (2nd term)                                3
20th Century                 MUH 253 (3rd term)                                3
African Music in the Diaspora                 MUH 221                                3

Chamber Music                 MUE 231                                1
Choir                 MUE 201(C)                                1
Band                 MUE 201 (B)                                1
Orchestra                 MUE 201 (O)                                1

ELECTIVES MUS (Student must take at least 1 elective per term) All have 1 term credit

Organ for Keyboard majors MUS 201
Vocal Techniques for non Voice majors MUS 203
Arranging MUS 205
Composition MUS 207
Music Methodology MUS 208
Music Technology MUS 209
Instrument Maintenance, Repair, Construction MUS 210
Careers MUS 211
Form and Analysis MUS 212
Vocal Acappella Ensembles MUS 213
Jazz MUS 214
Opera MUS 215

The diploma course is a full time 2 year course offering advanced training in music with the following majors: Piano, Organ, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Classical Guitar, Voice.

Students are also required to take 2 terms of an instrument minor other than their major instrumental family. All voice students must pass grade 2 piano, instrumentalists must pass vocal techniques and all students must belong to the choir. Orchestra is required for all string majors. All wind and percussion majors must belong to band. Others who may not be majors are welcome to audition for the orchestra band.

Our goal is to produce a well rounded, thoroughly educated musicians who would qualify for direct entry as transfer students into a university to fulfill the remaining requirements for an undergraduate music degree. We strive to produce graduates comparable to those found in a Conservatoire and we have patterned our syllabus on those standards.

For Enquiries

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9AM – 5PM

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