The MUSON Symphony Orchestra is available to perform for interested clients at concerts, state corporate and private functions. It has a wide ranging repertoire which includes classical and contemporary music.

Where the full orchestra is not required smaller groups (six, seven , eight etc.) players can be supplied as well as accomplished soloists.


Walter- Michael Vollhardt Artistic Director / Principal Conductor MUSON orchestra

Walter- Michael Vollhardt
Artistic Director / Principal Conductor MUSON orchestra

The development of the MUSON Symphony Orchestra started in earnest with the appointment of its first Conductor and Artistic Director in 2005. The Orchestra’s musicianship and repertoire has grown rapidly since then, under its first three Conductors.

Its landmark achievement was the performance, in 2012, of Mozart’s Opera “the Magic Flute” in the original German language, to wide public acclaim. There were two additional performances of the Opera due to public demand. Encouraged by this development, the Trustees of MUSON have resolved to build on the orchestra’s remarkable success by the recent engagement of an internationally renowned German Cellist and Conductor as the orchestra’s Visiting Conductor.

The Society is also embarking on a programme to develop internationally recognized professional standards of performing from members of the Orchestra by creating a bridge with selected international performers from around the world. The international performers would bring their expertise to share, teach and develop their MUSON counterparts through the experience of performing with them and providing master classes.

The MUSON Orchestra makes exclusive performances for pre-booked reservations, at Weddings, AGMs, Conferences, and exclusive private functions.