Notes on Membership


The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) was founded in 1983 as a result of the interaction and commitment of some friends who love and appreciate classical music. These distinguished Nigerians included Mr. Akintola Williams, Mr. Louis Mbanefo, Chief Ayo Rosiji, Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi and Mrs. Francesca Emanuel. The main objective of MUSON is the promotion of the understanding, enjoyment and performance of classical and contemporary music in Nigeria.

School of Music

The Society runs a basic school as well as a government accredited School of Music which, among others, provides quality music education up to the professional level. The School’s Diploma programme alumni, now numbering over200, increasingly constitute the bulk of young music professionals in Nigeria where they work as teachers in schools, performers in orchestras, entrepreneurs in the music industry etc. Others have gone on to pursue higher education in music in American, European and South African Universities.

Orchestra and Choir

The Society is the proud owner of Nigeria’s only professional Symphony Orchestra and a renowned Choir, both of which now constitute unique platforms for training and grooming promising young Nigerian artistes and instrumentalists in the performance of classical and orchestral music at the highest level.

Concerts and Annual Festival

The Society offers a regular programme of concerts throughout the year as well as an annual Festival of the Arts, now in its 22nd year.
For these reasons, MUSON is acclaimed as one of the greatest voluntary efforts in aid of the arts in any country in the world.
Yet, the Musical Society of Nigeria is registered as a charity and receives no public funding from State or Federal Government. The vital work it does in support and promotion of the Arts, since its inception, would not have been possible without the generous grants, sponsorships and donations by its corporate and individual partners and supporters.


  • To promote the understanding and enjoyment of classical music in Nigeria;
  • To promote the performance of serious music with emphasis on classical music;
  • To promote the education of children in the performance and theory of music;
  • To encourage the interacting of Nigerian and non-Nigerian musicians;
  • To provide facilities for the realization of the above-mentioned objectives;
  • To raise funds from persons and organizations for the realization of the above-mentioned objectives;
  • To raise by way of loans, debentures or overdrafts from any banks, Financial institutions or
    persons such amounts as the Society may require from time to time for the purpose of carrying out its
    above-mentioned objectives.


Mr. Akintola Williams
Founder, Deloitte & Touche
Doyen of Accountancy Profession
in Nigeria

Mr. Louis Mbanefo
CEO, Law Office of Louis Mbanefo
Professor of Maritime Law in Nigeria

Mrs. Francesca Emanuel
First Female Federal Permanent Secretary in Nigeria

General T.Y. Danjuma
Business man | Politician | Former Army Chief of Staff