MUSON School of Music

The MUSON School of Music was established in 1989 to offer basic music training for children and adults interested in learning how to sing or play any musical instrument. In 2002 the School received the Nigerian Federal Government’s accreditation to award Diplomas in Music which can be equated with those awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in the United Kingdom. This led to the setting up of the two-year MUSON Diploma School in 2006.

♪ The Diploma School is staffed and led by some of the best.

♪ All the students admitted to the course receive MTNF Scholarships.

♪ It has graduated over 300 students since 2006.

♪ Over 3000 others have attended the School’s Basic Programme since 1989.

♪ The Diploma School’s alumni is noted for their outstanding musicianship and have excelled in their chosen careers. Those admitted for further studies in Nigerian, South African, European and American universities have distinguished themselves in their studies.

♪ The Diploma School owns the award-winning MUSON Diploma Choir directed by Emeka Nwokedi and the MUSON School Orchestra directed by Babatunde Sosan. It has also produced outstanding students ensembles such as the all-female GIRLZ RULE Band, the 5YZ MEN and The Theosolites, Eko ensemble.