The Children’s Music Festival was All Shades of Awesome

The 2018 edition of the Children’s Music Festival was all shades of fantastic. With almost half a million guests in attendance, the event was split into 4 different sessions – Art fair, Art & Craft (Painting), Career Talk and Concert. Produced by the Manager, Membership & Events, Mrs. Perpetual Atife, the event treated its guests […]

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The Children’s Music Festival – Rich Musical Event

In preparation for the second edition of the MUSON Children’s Music Festival, this group of vibrant, talented young musicians led by Raphael Francis and Perpetual Atife have been meeting every Saturday since March 17th at the MUSON Centre. The Festival combines music, dance, art, talk, storytelling and more. It is scheduled to hold at 10 […]

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Welcome to The MUSON Blog Posts.

Welcome to the MUSON blog posts.

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