Message From The Director
Mrs Marion Akpata

Mrs Marion Akpata

Welcome parents, guardians, relatives and friends. The creation of a school which introduced children to playing instruments and understanding the meaning of music through the study of music theory was part of the founders’ vision and dedication in forming the Musical Society.

By its name, one thinks of a gathering of like-minded individuals whose aim is the spread, appreciation and understanding of music, starting with the children who will continue the musical traditions to future generations. The acknowledgement that in most parts of the world, music is not intangible and meant for just a few, gave the birth to the inception of the diploma course.

In most countries music has its place in the curriculum of schools from pre-school to senior secondary, so young people can gain the preliminary experience to make a music career choice for those with that talent. The many facets of a musical career should be made available within the borders of Nigeria and many people from all strata of the population can find their place in the world of music.




Sharing the MUSON decade mile-stone is the MTN Foundation, which was newly formed as the Diploma course was starting. Taking the music Diploma as one of the nationwide projects of the foundation was then and remains the driving force of our need to keep our standards high and for MTN to have no doubts in their continued support of their music scholars.
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