• 2016 MUSON Festival

    Celebrating 20th active services in the Arts! Festival events: October 20th - October 30th
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    You can join us..Please visit www.muson.org
  • MUSON Festival 2016

    Starting on the 14th - 30th of October, 2016
  • MUSON Jazz Festival | MUSON Poetry Festival

    MUSON Jazz Festival 2016 - Friday October, 28, 2016 at 6:00 p.m & Poetry Festival 2016 - Saturday October 29, 2016 at 7:00 p.m
  • Fela Arrest the Music (Musical) & My Kind of Music

    2016 MUSON Festival Events: Fela Arrest the Music (A Musical) & My Kind of Music....Watch out for more details
  • 2016 MUSON Festival Events

    Highlights of events...Dont Miss it!
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    Please pay your 2016 subscription...The Musical Society of Nigeria – 4010117885 – Fidelity Bank Plc. Sort code is 070150278.Please call 080781292559 to know your current Status. Thank you for being part of the MUSON Family
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Welcome to MUSON

The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) was founded as a result of the interaction and commitment of some friends who love and appreciate classical music. These included Mr. Akintola Williams, Mr. Louis Mbanefo, Chief Ayo Rosiji, Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi and Mrs. Fracesca Emanuel. Along with Sir. Mervyn Brown, then British High Commissioner in Nigeria and Lady Brown, these distinguished Nigerians stimulated interest and awareness of Nigerians, especially in Lagos of the richness and elegance of classical music.

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MUSON members are the stakeholders of the society.  Each category of membership has its own unique set of benefits that ensure that all members of MUSON get the very best of the society and help towards contributing to the growth and spread of classical, Nigeria folk and contemporary music.
There are three categories of membership:

Junior/Student Member
For students and young people, who like classical music and would like to engage with MUSON and its various activities. Read more or download a membership form

Ordinary Member
This package is geared towards young adults who may have had some exposure to classical music but would like to see more shows and events.  Read more or download a membership form

Special Member
For members who are well known in the music industry and perhaps have organisations which they represent looking to associate with MUSON.  Read more or download a membership form

The MUSON School is world class academy that has been setup to deliver musical training of the highest standard.  The school is geared to teach music regardless of previous exposure or knowledge and we find that the students who begin with the Basic section go on to study and obtain diploma and higher qualifications here in Nigeria and abroad.

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Below are a selection of documents and materials which you can download, these include membership forms, MUSON Hall rates and MUSON 2014 calendar. 

Title   Size   Link
MUSON 2016 Hall Rates   262KB   Download
Terms & Conditions   131KB   Download
Junior Student Application Form   160KB   Download
Membership Form: Individual / Corporate   114KB   Download
School of Music Enquiry 2016(Updated)   48.3KB   Download
Admission Requirement For Diploma Program   16KB   Download



Mr. Gboyega Banjo returns to the position he had held in the organisation from 2001 to 2006. He is a foundation member of MUSON...

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